Details and Course Outline: Medical Billing & Coding Program

Medical Billing and Coding Program

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Study Medical Billing & Coding Online!

Medical Billing & Coding Program Outline:

Our innovative online Medical Billing & Coding program is completely self-paced and you can log into the program anytime to study at your convenience. Since our program is so convenient and flexible most students are able to finish in as little as 4-8 weeks. Much quicker then most of the older traditional classroom programs. Also, there are no time limits or deadlines and you can take as long as needed and you can complete the program at a pace that is most comfortable for you. Our no rush guarantee means you will never be rushed to finish and assignment or complete the program.   


Medical Billing & Coding Program Outline:

Class 1 : Introduction to Medical Billing and Coding 

Class 2 : Introduction to Health Insurance Plans

Class 3 : Processing a Medical Claim 

Class 4 : Medical and Diagnostic Coding (ICD-10)

Class 5 : Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)

Class 6 : Introduction to the CMS 1500 Form

Class 7 : Commercial Insurance

Class 8 : Blue Cross and Blue Shield 

Class 9 : Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare

Class 10: Processing Workers Compensation Claims

Class 11: Advanced Billing and Coding

​Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Exam:

All students must successfully complete the online Medical Billing & Coding exam at the end of the program. The test is completely online, self-paced and if you don't pass you may retake the test at no additional cost until a passing grade is earned. Our classes will prepare you very well, so over 95% of student pass the exam on the first try!  


​Recommended Study Aid (Optional): 

All materials to successfully complete the program are online and fully available to students after they complete the registration. We also recommend students purchase  ​"Understanding Health Insurance" by Michelle A Green and JoAnn C Rowell. This textbook is an excellent study aid and recommended by the program instructors. Available on Amazon,  Barnes & Noble,, and others.